• Josh Ogbonna

    Josh Ogbonna

  • Nancy Sellars

    Nancy Sellars

    New to Programming and Development πŸ’˜ it!

  • Oluwaseun Oyebade

    Oluwaseun Oyebade

    Tech Enthusiast | Exploring how to code | Always learning | Inspiring by documenting the process

  • Vera Adiele

    Vera Adiele

    Frontend Developer

  • Umoren Samuel

    Umoren Samuel

    Tech Enthusiast.

  • Emmanuel Akhigbe

    Emmanuel Akhigbe

    Full stack web developer and designer. I love learning, and writing code to solve problems. Twitter: @theoscoder

  • Philip Seifi

    Philip Seifi

    Founder https://colabra.app | Cross-pollinating between industries and cultures. | Nomad entrepreneur 🌎 designer 🌸 hacker πŸ’» | https://seifi.co

  • Adeoluwa Adeboye

    Adeoluwa Adeboye

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